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Online education is the best education available right now, especially for Computer Science students. Let me describe my experience with it. During my senior year in high school, I was a bit afraid of how I would pay for college. I come from a low-income household, where my mom worked on and off in temp agencies, most of the times making minimum wage. Food stamps helped, and so did AHCCCS health care, but I wanted this to change. I didn’t want to rely on government aid in order to live. My mom had always told me that education was the medium to success that I had available, the greatest one. I at the time agreed, but now that I look back, I don’t think I really knew what education really meant. To me, education meant going to school, getting good grades, and graduating, then, I guess getting a job? I was very motivated to continue higher education, but I was not conscious of the point of it. I think I mostly was motivated because my parents had always told me that “school” was very important, and in fact, I agree that education is, but is school? What is more important, education or school? Both are similar, but definitely, definitely not the same, at least based on my experience. As I experienced my education in community college and university, I began noticing the differences between education and school. School is turning into a business that takes a lot from you (At least in higher education), while education is almost free, and gives to you instead of taking. I’m not saying that teachers should not be paid, but I do think $12,000 a year might be too high of a tuition for a student. Anyways, I joined a non-profit educational program called “Year Up”, where I ended up getting taught how to code, and got an opportunity to intern as a Junior Engineer at American Express. I was very new to technology in general, now imagine having to learn to code! Because of this interning opportunity, I decided that my major in university would be Computer Science, since after learning more about technology I began to like it very much! However, my internship was very difficult. I was told by my internship supervisor that my team was one of the most difficult teams to be in at the time compared to all the other teams where other alumni interned. This was very true! I was forced to study a lot on my own time about my roles and tasks given to me as an intern. I was also taking programming and Linux OS classes at community college for a CIS (Computer Information Systems) certificate. The classes where alright, but they were not enough for me to deliver important tasks in my job. That’s when I decided that studying in my own time about technology had to be taken very serious. I committed to going to Starbucks after work and school 4 days a week to study technology. At first it was very difficult, but I began learning how to efficiently research topics on Google. It was a good strategy, but it was not an organized, planned out course where I could continually and structurally study a topic to its fullness. This is when I found Udemy. Udemy is an online learning platform, with courses ranging from, IT, to Business, to Art. The price of these courses is more than reasonable, they are super cheap for the value they bring! I decided to take a Linux course since I was doing a lot of RedHat System Administration at American Express. Boy did it help! I learned a lot more than what my college class in Linux was teaching me, I was motivated to spend a longer time learning it since it was online, and it was on my own time. As I was getting better and better at my Linux skills, my team at American Express decided to give me harder tasks as my technological skills progressed. I started delivering tasks that went in not only Development and Testing environments, but inside Production environments as well! I started being assigned tasks that where vital to my team’s performance, and started executing RFC’s (Requests for Change), which means making changes to either Testing or Production environments, since my team did not have access to execute changes on Testing or Production environments directly. For us to make changes in such environments, we had to contact remote developers through screen sharing and direct them as to what changes had to be made, step by step. As my team gained trust in my skills, they also begin giving me Java development tasks. My first step to make sure I could improve and deliver in such Java projects was to purchase a course on Udemy. One of the courses was free and the other $11, with a lifetime availability to them! At the end of the internship, I was given a full-time employee offer as a Junior Engineer, without even having obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I accepted it! Without Udemy, I am almost sure I would not have been able to achieve this. In my experience, Computer Science classes in college and university are not well orchestrated or executed. Such classes seem to be more of an intro to a topic every class, give a task to the student, then the student must learn how to solve the task on their own. This means you didn’t really learn any Computer Science in school! I was charged $5,511 dollars at university for taking 2 classes in one semester; English 101 and CSE 205 (Computer Science focused on Object Oriented Programming using Java). Udemy on the other hand gave me a free Java course and sold me another Java course for $11, with lifetime access to both. I learned at least 3 times more than what I learned in school through these courses in Udemy. Thanks Udemy! Until now I have spent under $150 in 2 years, in Udemy courses, which have not only helped me in my professional and student life, but helped me open a Web Development and Digital Marketing business where I design websites and develop digital marketing for business. Udemy keeps me up to date with new technologies and knowledge of the best quality and lowest price there is online. Thanks Udemy, for giving such an opportunity in education. I believe this is the future of education, and a good one!


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