Web Development

Web Development is the skills and work of creating a website from scratch. This includes design to software program development. Usually you start by developing a graphic design of the website and a list of requirements and features for the website. After this, the real coding begins and all of the previous designs and features of the website are implemented through programming.

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Software Engineering

Software engineering is more aimed towards the development of task specific applications. For example, say a Farm Business wants an application which can count inventory and update it everyday as more crops are harvested. Imagine that this application also needs to be able to group crops by date, type, purpose, and GMO specification. One would have to develop a specific application that specifically serves this purpose and is the best at accomplishing such task.

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Falls int 4 main categories: Social Media Marketing: The use and constant management of social media platforms to promote a product/service. An example could be constant posts about your product/service and current updates to such product/service. Another example could be a Facebook Ad about your product/service on a sale your business is having for a holiday. SEO: How well are your social media business pages performing with the competition in your online arena? Is your businesse's website made out of quality programs and code? Can your page load fast enough for Google to consider placing it in it's top search engine results? Online Paid Advertising: Are you throwing money at Google AdWords, or are you actually investing in marketing? Make sure your marketing funds are actually paying off! We include a free digital marketing audit for your business, for your own convenience! This service is valued at $800.

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Workdesk/PC Maintnace & Tune-Up

Are your employees complaining about slow workdesks? Do you suspect your PC is infected with a virus? Do you just need your Office Suite to load up quicker? We will make your PC perform better and faster, with time-proven results. We'll asses your PC/Workdesk's issue(s), benchmark it, fix and optimize all the issue(s), then re-benchmark the performance and speed of your PC/Workdesk, that way you know for usre, that your PC has been optimized to the fullest!

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